Meet Amber Grubenmann

Amber Grubenmann

Amber Grubenmann

Confidence Coach

Amber is the creator of the highly rated Women’s Dating And Confidence Podcast. She has worked with people all over the world helping them build confidence from scratch, create incredible social lives, and date with freedom. Amber’s expertise is dating coaching. She has been immersed in the topic for over eight years and has vast experience to draw from.

Amber’s Clients Speak

“I had been making progress before I started coaching with Amber, but since she became my coach, I’ve made more consistent improvement than ever before. I traveled out of state alone for the first time, I engaged complete strangers in conversation, and I joined a dance team, to name a few things. My conversation skills have improved, and I’ve become more comfortable talking to people.

“I’ve broken down into tears because she’ll ask just the right question to get to the root of my fears, which has been incredibly helpful to see exactly what holds me back. She’s very warm, positive, and spunky. Through my successes and my failures, she’s always supportive and helps to keep me moving forward.

“Confidence is earned through action. If you want your life to change, you must act. Usually, while terrified. Sometimes a single, terrifying act can change the course of your life. Booking that first coaching session was one of them.”

Jesse Frazier

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amber over the last several weeks.  She’s always been well-prepared for each meeting, is very empathic and has provided me with many valuable insights and suggestions.

“She’ll hold you accountable, so if you hold up your end of the deal, her guidance will propel you forward.  I also highly recommend attending one of Dr. Aziz’s live events in Portland if you’re able – liberating!”

Laura Sacandy

“Five months ago, I made the best decision ever, a decision that changed my life forever. I started coaching with Amber.

“Before my life was off track, I wasn’t taking action or responsibility for my life. I was letting others control my happiness, I was dealing with a lot of toxic friendships and situations that forbid me to evolve as a person.

“In such a short period of time, I’ve made drastic changes, my life is so different from where it was a few months ago. Amber is so supportive and pragmatic but at the same time funny and realistic. She’s like the best friend I never had. I can tell her everything and she understands me as if she’s inside my mind. She has an incredible and powerful gift for coaching and helping others.

“Five months ago I would’ve never imagined my life would be as it is now. Thank you, Amber, for helping me make real, drastic and lasting changes in my life. YOU’RE THE GREATEST.”

Francisco Pagan

“I was lucky enough to work with amber for 8 sessions, which is startling when you put into perspective the number of breakthroughs and shifts we were able to make in such a short time.

“Amber is very empathetic and understanding so I found it very easy to open up to her about things you’d usually find hard to talk to others about. This was important because it allowed us to break down old ways of thinking, work through some barriers and find
 new strategies to replace a lot of old and less effective ones I’d been using previously without even realizing.

“One of the many big shifts I’ve made with Amber is being able to set goals. She’s amazing at keeping you focused on what you need to do and can offer good advice when you feel stuck. After her giving me this experience It feels natural to live my life this way, to keep improving, moving forward and working towards a life I want making continuous progress.

“I’d highly recommend Amber to anyone wanting to work on their social life, improve their quality of connections with people and the ability to relate to others in a way that’s meaningful!”

Matthew Kennedy

“Being coached by Amber has been an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for me. I’m someone who gets wrapped up in the stories my mind is telling me, and she has a way of sharing a personal experience or asking a question that makes it much harder to buy into those stories.

“One example (of many) that stands out in my memory was when she asked me what the unstoppably confident, future version of Matt would do in a specific situation. I was hesitant whether I wanted to attend a social gathering, but she helped me navigate the doubt and realize that the man I want to be would probably attend the event. I ended up going and had a great time.

“I’ve noticed a huge shift internally since I’ve started working with Amber. I put a lot less pressure on myself to make dates “go well” or worrying before or after about the way things went. Even more noticeably has been the effect she’s had on my relationships. At times I’ve been very confused about my feelings or the “right” thing to do. It’s been invaluable to have a coach who’s experienced in relationships and has so much wisdom to offer.

“As a ma,n it’s definitely been valuable to get a woman’s perspective on dating as well. And most of all, I can’t fully describe how helpful it’s been to know I have her support no matter what happens. Even in emergencies, she’s been ready to answer a call or text. She’s extremely dedicated and talented at what she does.

“I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to go on more dates, find a relationship partner or take their relationship to the next level. I think it’d also be great for anyone who’s confused or intimidated by dating and/or romantic relationships.”

Matt Bailey