Meet Dylan Reid

Dylan Reid

Dylan Reid

Confidence Coach

Dylan inspires massive results because he has been through, and continues to go through, the growth process himself.

Dylan began as a client of Dr. Aziz’s in 2017 and became obsessed with the work, to the point where he felt compelled to start coaching and inspiring growth in others.

Dylan has utilized Aziz’s coaching to become a seven-time national racquetball champion, podcast host, YouTube content creator, and to up-level his social confidence significantly.

He is obsessed with learning as much as he can about confidence and taking massive action, first to enhance his own life, and then to help others do the same for themselves.

Dylan’s Clients Speak

“I consider myself to be fairly experienced in facing discomfort and working on personal growth. I’ve worked with Aziz Gazipura; first as a therapy client, then as an employee, and now as a member of his Advanced Mastermind group.

“It was a few years ago, while attending one of Dr. Aziz’s weekend-long retreats, that I first met Dylan. I’ve witnessed over the last few years how hard he’s worked on his personal growth journey, and how committed he is to the work. I’ve been lucky enough to have countless in-depth conversations with him about various challenges and obstacles I’ve faced on my path of growth.

“At first, I was surprised at the level of presence and insight he brought to these conversations. Now I know that’s just the way he lives his life: with dedication, drive, awareness, and compassion. I can tell it’s genuinely his calling to help as many people as he can through coaching.

“He has a true knack for delivering at least one “a-ha” moment in each conversation I’ve had with him. A lot of the time it’s through reframing the story you’re telling yourself, so you think of it from a completely new, fresh perspective.

“Also, when I find myself doubting myself or hesitating to make a decision, I can count on him to provide even-headed guidance with practical advice I can apply right away. I consider him a good friend these days, and can honestly say my life has clearly gotten better with his presence in my life.”

Matt B.