Meet Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez

Confidence Coach

In 2015, Jonathan completed his Master of Arts degree at Portland State University. Later that year he began working with Dr. Aziz and joined the Unstoppable Confidence Mastermind. This program helped him shift old thought patterns in his life and show up in the world with more confidence than ever before. He took major action in his life by writing and publishing his own works, touring across the nation as an actor, speaking to young adults about bullying and social anxiety, and even performing stand-up comedy just for the hell of it.  

Over the years Jonathan continued to work closely with Dr. Aziz and his mission. In 2017, Jonathan started as an assistant at the live events where he would lead morning workshops and give additional support. In 2018, Jonathan began taking on his own clients; and in 2019, Jonathan was officially hired on to work at the Center for Social Confidence by Dr. Aziz as UCM Master Coach where he now facilitates group calls, provides deep dive coaching sessions, and works one-on-one with the youth program.  

Jonathan has an innate ability to create deep rapport with his clients through great care and presence. His curiosity in human development allows him to connect to all individuals on a deeper level. This fascination is what makes him an effective coach. “I love helping people reveal something greater about themselves. When they uncover a specific challenge that has been holding them back for years – it brings out a newfound sense of energy and playfulness.”

Guest Appearances On the “Shrink For The Shy Guy” Podcast

Jonathan’s Clients Speak

“Jonathan listened with an open mind and heart, to my issues while getting divorced. All while I was heartbroken and hiding my feelings from the world. He patiently listened to how hard I thought it was to work at the same company with the man I was divorcing and remain civil. Jonathan heard my insecurities about being alone after a long marriage, then not only did he offer great advice but, he helped me crush those insecurities!

“Jonathan offers caring advice about going slow, careful not to use any language that would make me feel attacked, insecure or defensive. We talked about what it was I wanted and needed from a new healthy relationship.

“Jonathan’s questions made me really think about how I was going to get what I needed from any of my relationships. He also helped me figure out, what it is I have to offer and what I’m willing to give others. Jonathan gently guided me into figuring out, how much of myself and my time I am willing to give in my relationships, so as not to lose myself.

“Jonathan honestly helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life and he never judged me or my actions. He gave me an ear, whenever I needed to talk about things. Jonathan offered kind words when I needed guidance. He was always willing to share his knowledge, with plenty of relationship reading materials, that truly helped me grow.

“I honestly believe my future relationships will be better, because Jonathan helped me with sincerity and humor to learn, change and grow.”

Ona Child

“When I speak to Jonathan, I know he is actively listening to me. I feel his presence.

“When I am in need of his counseling, he never fails to give me words of wisdom. He doesn’t tell me to do ‘This’ or ‘That’. What he does do is help me analyze the situation and view it from a different perspective.

“This open-mindedness improves my mental state and carries me along to solve my current situation. He helps me simplify the situation by breaking it down so I can see the bigger picture. Anytime I call him in a panic, he lowers my stress or anxiety that I am experiencing at the moment.

“When I am in a mental or physical state of loneliness, it somehow disappears when I talk to Jonathan. We can be miles apart but he has a way of connecting with me no matter how far apart we are.

“Jonathan is a true healer, and as a healer, myself, his techniques and his way of living inspire me every day.”

Marissa Salazar

“Anxiety has been a struggle for me for many years. And when someone comes along who will actually listen, can truly hear me, and thoughtfully counsels me, causing my anxiety to diminish, wow…that’s someone special. Jonathan is that person, with his genuine approach and compassionate guidance. His sound advice and ability to share effective stress/anxiety management skills are incredibly helpful. I’ve been utilizing his coaching skills for a few years, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a witty, capable mentor.”

Amy McCallister

“Working with Jonathan has been life-changing. I have no doubt that I will be working with him for years to come. He has helped me uncover unspoken goals professionally and personally with ease. Through his compassion, enthusiasm, and ease of listening and talking after each session, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Jonathan helps me feel empowered to create the life and reality I want to have. Humor and a sense of understanding provide authenticity when speaking with Jonathan.”

Elease Clarke