Let Go Of Who You Think You’re Supposed To Be

Strategy 3 – Let Go Of Your “Shoulds”

We all have an idea about how we should be in order to be worthwhile, attractive, and lovable. These are the rules we’ve learned about what’s right and wrong, what’s okay and not okay. While each person might have a slightly different set of rules, we’re all impacted by our own list.

The video above will help you explore your own rules, your own list of how you’re supposed to be, and help you begin the process of letting this go.

The more you’re able to accept yourself when you fall short of your ideal – when you say the wrong thing, when you make a mistake, when you’re lazy or unproductive – the more confidence you’ll have in yourself and the more you’ll demonstrate self-compassion.

Beating ourselves to achieve more does not work.

Even if it produces results in the short term, we’re tense, uncomfortable, and afraid of our own inner critic. This might produce achievement, but ultimately will not produce lasting fulfillment.

Ironically, the more you can be compassionate and accepting of yourself when you fall short, the more you’ll strive, achieve, and succeed in any area of life.