How do you feel about the word “no”?

Do you hate the thought of getting denied, turned down, or rejected?

Most people don’t like “no” and avoid it at all costs.

Asking someone out, trying to make a sale, or putting your art or music out there all open you up to potentially hearing “no” (aka being rejected).

Maybe that person won’t want to talk with you or go out with you. Maybe that person doesn’t want anything to do with what you’re selling. Maybe someone won’t like your music or your art.

What happens then?

If that happens, I’d feel terrible. I’d feel humiliated. This is the most common response.

But does it have to be that way?

Is there another way to look at rejection?

What if rejection was the necessary price you must pay in order to reach your goal?

What if in order to go out with the person of your dreams you have to get rejected by five other people first? Would that be worth it?

go-for-no-book-coverRichard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, two fantastic authors and speakers, are pioneering a campaign called “Go for No.”

Their philosophy is you must fail your way to success. You must go for “no” as quickly as you can so you get to a yes. In their words, “Yes is the destination, “No” is how you get there.”

They suggest a philosophy of embracing failure, embracing rejection, embracing the “no.” It’s strengthening you, forging your character, and preparing you to receive the yes.

If you were going to “go for no” – what would you do? What risks would you take? Who would you call? What would you try to achieve? Who would you ask for help?

Now, based on your answers… take action. Go for No!