One Simple Technique To Propel Yourself Into Action


Know what you need to do, but are afraid to do it?

How many times does this fear trip you up?

What does it STOP you from doing in your life?

I, like most men I know, have a hard time asking or help. When it comes to requesting something from other people (even friends), all kinds of negative beliefs can emerge…

  • I’ll bother them.
  • They don’t really want to help me.
  • They’ll feel put out and annoyed by me asking.
  • They’ll help me out of obligation then resent me for it.

Any of these ringing any bells?

Whether it’s asking for help, being assertive with an annoying co-worker, or approaching a compelling stranger to start a conversation, SOMETHING gets in the way to stop us, doesn’t it?

We feel a sense of fear that something bad will happen and we won’t be able to handle it.

Or, at the very least, it’ll be highly uncomfortable and we’d really rather not feel that, thank you very much.

But what is the alternative?


That sure is the most common alternative, but how does that work out? Usually avoidance leads to NOT getting the help we need, being WALKED ON by that annoying co-worker, and NOT getting the girl.

So avoidance is out…but how do we get ourselves to take action?

How To Get Yourself To Take Action

To unravel this mystery, I’m going to harken back to ye olden times and the work of Sir Isaac Newton regarding inertia. One of his key principles was:

An object at rest stays at rest.

An object in motion stays in motion.

This applies to billiard balls, planetoids, and you.

In order to get out of the molasses of inaction and avoidance, you must make a dramatic shift in your body and then take immediate action.

Watch the video above to get more of a sense of how to make the right changes in your body. Better yet, check out Confidence Unleashed to learn EXACTLY how to do this so you can use it whenever you need it.

The key is to activate yourself through movement and energy in your body. Use your voice, shout out, laugh maniacally, do whatever it takes to activate that sense of strength and power in your core. You can loudly and forcefully say affirmations and incantations. You can proclaim what you know to be true about yourself and your abilities.

Then, on the coattails of this burst of energy, take immediate action.

Do this without thinking about it too much. It doesn’t have to be the “right” action, or a perfect step. Just do something. Now!

That can mean picking up the phone and making that uncomfortable call, walking into your co-workers office, sending her an email asking if she wants to get coffee, or calling your friends and asking for help.

Use this strategy each time you face an obstacle and your mind starts generating story after story about why you can’t succeed and why you’re a terrible person. Literally shake off those toxic ideas by shaking your body, getting up and moving around, and then saying:

“Alright, that’s complete BS. The truth is I’m a completely capable, intelligent, awesome person. I got this. All I gotta’ do is make a few phone calls. All I gotta’ do is send her an email. All I gotta’ do is…”

And then take action.

And guess what? It’s true. You do “got this.”

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Dr. Aziz