Do You Feel Empowered To Go After What You Most Want?

Are you creating the life you want?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then you’re probably feeling a need to make a shift. You might be feeling stuck, frustrated, inadequate or hopeless. This could be about your dating and relationships, your finances, your physical health, or your general attitude towards yourself.

This shift happens when we acknowledge 2 things:

1. In order to get what I want – I must the one to take action. I’m the one who must make this happen. No one else will come and do it for me.

2. I can make this happen. I have the ability to learn what I need to, grow how I need to, and do what I need to in order to get there.

If we don’t acknowledge both of these facts, then it’s unlikely we’ll make much progress towards our goals. If we don’t believe the first one – if we’re secretly hoping we’ll wake up one day and suddenly feel healthy and fit, or extra confident around women, or self-accepting – then we’ll forever be waiting. We have subtly given our power, and the direction of our lives, over to someone else. This rarely leads to the results we truly want.

If we don’t acknowledge the second fact, then we’re stuck in limbo. Even if we realize that we must make the shift, if we believe we cannot, then we will not try. Or we’ll make half-hearted attempts, and then give up and resign ourselves after the first roadblock we encounter. See, I knew it was impossible…

The only solution is to adopt the belief that we have the power to guide our direction in life. We have the power to choose the course of our ship.

Even if we don’t get exactly to where we want to go, if we’re actively moving in the right direction, we’ll get a hell of a lot closer than if we sat on the island and wished and hoped for a big cruise ship to come along one day and pick us up.

We must also adopt the belief that we can change. And the truth is, you can.

The idea that you cannot, that you’re doomed to failure, that you’ll never be able to get something, is a belief, a story.

Perhaps if you have aspirations of being an astronaut and you’re 55-years-old and have no training and are in terrible shape physically, then there are some major obstacles.

But what about the most basic dreams – I want to meet a beautiful woman and date her, or start a family, or do work that I love, or earn more income, or start a business, or get in shape. These are the dreams that we truly want, these are the dreams that will makes us most fulfilled, and these are the dreams that are entirely obtainable, no matter who you are.

I’ve seen men who are so shy they cannot even look me in the eye, much less an attractive woman, progress to dating and deeply satisfying relationships. I’ve seen men who are terrified to trust in themselves progress to starting a side business of their passion and suddenly feeling more alive than they had in years.

“The only thing stopping you from getting what you truly want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it.”

– Tony Robbins

My question to you is – what will you choose to believe?

Are you a cause in the world, or an effect?

Do you determine your destiny, or are you doomed to float aimlessly at sea?

If you’re feeling stuck with the idea that you cannot be the architect of your life, then I strongly urge you to contact me for a free confidence coaching consult. This is something you can shift.

I would be honored to assist you in that process.