An exclusive one-year program to radically boost your confidence so you can speak up more, earn more, date more, love more, and finally 
enjoy a life of unlimited self-confidence


Are You Tired Of Feeling Held Back By Fear And Self-Doubt?

You know the feeling well…

There’s something you want to do, something you want to say, someone you want to approach, BUT…

Fear kicks in. Self-doubt gets louder. And you talk yourself out of it. 

Now the moment has passed, and you lost your chance to share, be seen, meet people, make friends, make an impression, get a date, or be a leader. Just another moment of life passing you by…

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If You Could Confidently Approach  Any Situation?

This might sound far-fetched or too good to be true. Especially if it’s an area that you’ve struggled with for years or even decades.

I get it. I used to think certain things were just impossible for me.

It was “impossible” to approach an attractive woman I didn’t know, strike up a casual conversation, and walk away with her number.

It was “impossible” to confidently talk with a group of people and share my ideas.

It was “impossible” to just feel comfortable in my own skin no matter what happened.

All of this was impossible until I experienced it myself. Now I’ve seen hundreds of other people transform before my eyes. I’ve watched guys transform fear and self-doubt into power and confidence in a matter of a few short months. I watch people do the “impossible” on daily basis.

If you are ready to take charge of your life and transform your confidence once and for all, then

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“My life has completely transformed…”

“When I first met Dr. Aziz I was really small. I used to be super stuck in social anxiety. I had a hard time greeting people and even saying hi to the cashier at a supermarket was difficult. My boss didn’t like me, my dad didn’t respect me, and women didn’t seem attracted to me.

Now my life has completely transformed. I started my own business, I have a patent, I’m approaching big accounts like Walmart and Costco. I have multiple women who want to date me and hang out with me. My dad is impressed and thinks I’m awesome!”

Sean Huang
Los Angeles, CA

“I can do things I’ve never done before…”

“The results of the mastermind have been incredible. I have a competely different view of myself and I can do things I’ve never done before. It’s awesome!

I absolutely recommend 100% anyone facing challenges with confidence to work with Dr. Aziz. It’s so powerful to be with others, to be in this environment, with this support system, it’s incredible. If you’re considering taking the leap, do it. Don’t stop it. It’s what you need. If you’re doubting it, just do it!”

Joel Zimmerman

I witness clients do amazing things on a daily basis…

I’ve seen clients stuck in anxiety and self-doubt for years rapidly break through to approach life with unstoppable confidence. Here are just a few examples:

=> One of my client’s had been single for 4 years and hadn’t dated at all. In 6 months he was dating three amazing women and deciding which one he wanted to choose to be his girlfriend.

=> A man I worked with used to struggle to speak up at work and boldly sharing his ideas. Now he is a team leader and confidently speaks in groups. Just 3 weeks ago his boss decided to step down and he was offered the promotion.

=> One of my clients used to have panic before speaking with investors, superiors, and other “powerful people.” Now he sees himself as extremely powerful and confidently speaks with anyone. He makes way more jokes than he used to and people frequently tell him he is “charming.”

=> A woman I worked with used to criticize herself after every conversation she had. No matter what she did she never felt like it was enough. Now she is on her own side no matter what and feels a sense of freedom and ease speaking with others. 

=> One of my clients was recently promoted and was terrified of new responsibilities that involved “schmoozing.” After 2 months of coaching he went to a conference where he confidently met dozens of people and even signed up a high-ticket account for his organization. 

Think you can’t get results like this yourself? Think again.

Each of these people thought this kind of confidence was impossible for them. And now every single one of these people have acheived extraordinary levels of confidence…and you can too… with the greatest level of guidance and support you’ve ever experienced. 

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How To Become Truly Unstoppable…

The Unstoppable Confidence Mastermind is an in-depth program that will transform your level of confidence. Over the course of a year you will eliminate the obstacles that are stopping you from feeling completely confident in yourself in any setting, including business, meetings, conversations, dates, and anywhere else in your life.

You will transform the way you see yourself, how you relate to others, and what you are able to acheive in your career, social life, and love life. This program is loaded with an abundance of training and support, including:

Group Coaching Calls

Get together with me personally and a small group of your peers to dive deep and transform your confidence level. These calls are deeply transformative and help you re-condition your mind to have true confidence in any situation. 3 calls per month.

=> Share successes and wins

=> Breakthrough blocks, obstacles, and limiting beliefs

=> Make rapid progress towards your goals

 (Value: $15,000) 

Exclusive Mastermind Retreats

Come together as a group in person so you can dive deep in an intimate setting and make rapid changes in your career confidence, dating life, self-esteem, and all areas of life that matter. These are like Group Coaching Calls on steroids.

=> Unshakeable Self-Esteem One-Day Retreat

=> You 3.0 One-Day Retreat

=> Magnetic Confidence One-Day Retreat

=> “The Weekend” Three-Day Retreat

 (Value: $7,000)

My Complete Confidence Collection

Gain instant access to every program I have created. This gives you all the knowledge, techniques, and strategies you need to make a rapid shift in your confidence and success. This includes:

=> The Confidence Unleashed System 

=> The Confidence Code 

=> 30 Days To Dating Mastery  

…and 10 additional Bonus training programs

(Value: $5,000)

Special VIP Passes To All My LIVE Events

You will get VIP access to all of my LIVE Events. This includes:

Supremely Confident Conversation Master ($2,000)
Discover how to casually and easily start conversations with anyone, know exactly what to say when, and create outstanding connections for business, dating, and your social life.

The Ultimate Confidence Breakthrough ($2,000)

Eliminate fear, shyness, and anxiety so you approach any person and any situation with power, charm, and relaxed confidence.

Unlimited Dating Confidence Bootcamp ($2,000)

Easily meet, attract and date incredible women and find a girlfriend by becoming the most authentic, confident, and magnetic version of yourself.


Secret Facebook Group

Give and receive updates, encouragement, guidance and support from other members of The Unstoppable Mastermind Community. Keep in contact with others who are on the same journey, get ongoing support, and create life-long friendships  (Value: priceless) 

We Are Allowing Just 3 New People Into
The Unstoppable Confidence Mastermind…

I designed this group to be completely life-transforming. I wanted each person to have a ton of personal attention from me and from the group so that your confidence and success are inevitable.   

To that end, this group is currently limited to just 20 members. There are two “Pods” of 10 people each. Your Pod is the small group you’ll have all the Group Coaching Calls with. Then, when we have the Exclusive Mastermind Retreats, you work with people from both your Pod and the other Pod.

Currently there are only 3 openings.  

The last time I offered this group, it filled in 3 weeks. 

During your interview, if it seems like a good fit, we can discuss your membership in the program, including the investment. 

This program is not for everyone.  

The Unstoppable Confidence Mastermind is NOT first come, first serve because I am highly selective about who I work with. If you’re ready to completely transform your confidence this year, fill out the application and I will contact you to arrange an interview. 

I look forward to the opportunity to help you create a life of extraordinary confidence.

P.S. The only other way to work with me right now is in a 12-month program as an individual client
($30K investment). This is a highly-personalized and tailor-made program, and I limit my individual clients to six total. The Unstoppable Confidence Mastermind offers many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. Spots are limited, so I encourage you to apply today. 


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