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Confidence Coaching With Dr Aziz

“Is It Possible To Completely Transform Your Level Of Confidence?”

Can you really go from shyness, social anxiety, and self-doubt to complete confidence in yourself?


I’m speaking first and foremost from my own personal experience. I spent years stuck in shyness, believing there was just something wrong with me and I was stuck that way forever. I didn’t think confidence — and the life I truly wanted — was possible for me.

But when I discovered social confidence is a skill that can be learned, I began to transform my life.

I learned how to change my beliefs and thinking patterns. I learned how to treat myself differently — to stop criticizing myself and start encouraging myself. I learned how to take new action in the world to break through old barriers and fears. And life was never the same again…

I began sharing what I learned — first with close friends, but then with more and more people. Now I’ve been doing this work for over ten years and I’ve helped hundreds of men break through shyness and fear to create the confidence they want in their lives.

“I Can Say With Absolute Certainty…
It’s Possible For You To Transform Your Level Of Confidence!”

And that’s what I teach in all of my audio programs, video programs, and books. All those methods are effective and produce results, but the fastest, most powerful, and most effective way to radically change your confidence level is through Private Confidence Coaching.

That’s because each coaching program is completely customized specifically for you. Instead of general principles and advice, we create a unique approach that maps exactly to your life.

We address your specific challenges and blocks to confidence and create specific plans to reach your individual goals. It’s designed from the ground up just for you .

And that’s what’s so powerful about this work!

Confidence Breakthroughs

Change happens in an instant. It’s not some massive process that takes your whole lifetime.

In transformation, there’s always a moment of breakthrough. It could be during one of our conversations, or in between sessions when you’re trying a homework exercise.

But right in that moment, you have a new insight, you make a new distinction, you make a powerful decision, or you take a new action, and everything in your life changes.

“This Breakthrough Makes You See The World Differently, See Yourself Differently.”

Client Experiencing Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching With A Client

What you believed yesterday no longer applies and you see new possibilities and options in your life.

I specialize in helping people make those breakthroughs.

But that’s not the end of it…

If you have one breakthrough and try something new, that’s a powerful moment of transformation — of liberation. Now we have to build on that. Otherwise your mind can say: Oh, that was just a fluke.

No, we need to convert that breakthrough into consistent action — into a new way of being in the world where that just becomes your new normal, your new reality.

And eventually your reality becomes a place where you consistently feel confident in yourself. Instead of “No, I can’t,” you consistently believe, “Sure, I can do that!”

  • Sure, I can go start a conversation with that beautiful woman I don’t know.
  • Sure, I can give a spontaneous talk to a group of people.
  • Sure, I can speak up in high powered meetings at work and influence others. That’s just what I do.
Condifence Coaching Success


Just recently a client of mine was offered a promotion at work, without even asking for it. We’d been working on his fear of public speaking and he recently had a breakthrough and was much more comfortable addressing a group of any size.

When management called him into the meeting to offer him the promotion, they commented on his leadership skills and his comfort in addressing people in the company.

He was surprised and delighted!

In our next session he told me, “When I look back to who I was earlier this year, it’s shocking. I used to just sit there with my head down in meetings, twirling my pen, trying to look engaged. Now I’m a completely different person in there. I guess my boss noticed the shift as well!”

That’s my favorite part of coaching. That exact moment when you look back at yourself from six months ago and say, “Wow! Who was that guy?”

What It Takes

I’ve been doing this work for many years now, and at this point I only work with people who are motivated.

You need to be sick and tired of being stuck and ready and willing to make a shift in your life.

You need to be willing to invest the time, money, and effort it takes to truly transform your life.

If you’re really ready to make the shift, then give me a call and we’ll talk.

If you’re hesitating and saying to yourself I don’t know… Will it really work? Is it really worth it? — then I have two things to say to you…

First, the hesitation and fear of taking a risk is the exact problem working with me would help you with. Confidence comes from decisiveness, taking bold action, and being willing to take risks.

Second, how long have you been dealing with these issues? It took me ten years before I decided to take action to change things in my life.

How long has it been for you?

If you don’t take action to make things different, how will tomorrow be any different than today?

And finally…

“What Would It Be Worth To You To Have The Life You’ve Always Wanted?”

Confidence and belief in yourself is the doorway to everything.

It allows you to meet the friends you want, create the career and income you want, and meet the woman you want. It determines if you pursue your passions, hobbies, and life purpose, or if you stagnate in a dissatisfying job that doesn’t fit you.

For me, a life of confidence and pursuing my dreams is worth all the time, money, and energy in the world.

What’s it worth to you?

When you’re ready, contact me about private coaching below. We’ll talk, and your life will never be the same again.

Fill In Your Info Below For More Information On Confidence Coaching
(Your Location Isn’t A Factor)

Confidence Coaching With Dr Aziz