Dating And Relationships

“Dating And Relationships…
How Can You Have Everything You Deserve?”

“How Is Your Social Life?”
Is It What You Want It To Be?”

When you look at your dating life, relationships, and friendships… do you feel excited and fulfilled?

When I was trapped in social anxiety and shyness, my answer to any of these questions was a resounding NO.

I remember when I was 17, I watched this movie called “Go”. It’s a great movie with a bunch of intersecting story lines. The characters are doing all kinds of fun, exciting things – going to raves, living it up in Las Vegas, and everything in between.

When I was watching it, I was temporarily transported into the kind of social life I wanted to have.

But then the movie ended…

And I was sitting there realizing that I have none of that stuff.

I didn’t have a girlfriend, or anyone to date for that matter.

I didn’t go on crazy adventures, I was never invited to parties, and I spent all my time with my one guy friend.

Worst of all, I believed I was stuck like this forever.

I thought I just wasn’t cool enough, or good looking enough, or lucky enough to have the life I wanted.

I was telling myself a bunch of terrible stories. And guess what? They were all false…

And that’s what I want to convey to you.

No matter what you’re telling yourself, you’re NOT stuck in shyness!

The truth is, there’s an antidote to shyness, social anxiety, and self-doubt.

It’s called social confidence.

It includes believing in yourself, trusting yourself, liking who you are, and going after what you most want in life.

And best of all, it’s a skill. It’s something you can learn and develop!

Once I discovered this I noticed a profound transformation in my life. I began sharing this with other people as well, and The Center For Social Confidence was born.

After studying and teaching this for 10 years, I’m certain social confidence is the doorway to the life you want.

Think about it for a second – what do you want in your social life?

  • To meet beautiful women — who are also funny, intelligent, and sweet — and go on dates with them?
  • To strike up a conversation with a new group of people and make friends with them?
  • To be the selector and choose the woman who excites you most to be your girlfriend?

Each one of these is completely possible for you… if you have enough social confidence.

As I said, social confidence is the doorway to the life you want. The only thing that stops you from stepping through it is your old story that it’s just not possible for you…

It’s time to chuck that story and get a new one. It’s time to get off the sidelines of life and into the game. It’s time to revolutionize your social life and become the designer of your own destiny.

Each page in the menu on the upper right-hand side of this page, will give you in-depth, valuable training on how to create the social life you want. Watch the videos, apply what you learn, and your life will never be the same again.

And if you’re ready to make a rapid shift towards the social life you want, check out my program – 30 Days To Dating Mastery.

It guides you day-by-day from a place of self-doubt and social fear to unstoppable social confidence, so you can have the dating experiences you’ve always wanted!

If you’re ready to take your confidence building to the next level, personalized confidence coaching, one-on-one with me, is the surest and fastest way to results that stay with you the rest of your life.

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