$297.00 USD

Live Event VIP Ticket


Includes full access to all three days of the live event!

  • Easily start conversations with anyone in a completely relaxed, casual way.

  •  ​Feel Completely Comfortable In Your Own Skin Talking With Anyone.

  •  Get Beyond Small Talk And Enjoy Real Connections Quickly & Easily.

  •  Always Know What To Say Next To Keep The Conversation Going.

  •  ​Deepen Conversations So They Are Engaging, Interesting, And Memorable.

  •  ​Be Seen As Funny, Dynamic, And Highly Charismatic With Others.

  •  ​Overcome Insecurities So You Can Freely Share With Others And Draw People Into Your Life.

  •  ​Deepen And Upgrade Your Friendships So You’re Surrounded By People Who Support And Energize You.

  •  ​Finally Have The Confidence To Be Your Authentic Self Around Anyone So You Can Truly Enjoy Connecting With Others!


  • I AM WORTHY: How To End Inferiority & Unhealthy Comparison | USUALLY $497

  •  I AM CHARMING: How To Tell Fascinating Stories That Captivate | USUALLY $497

  •  I AM REAL: How To Have The Conversations You've Been Avoiding | USUALLY $497

  •  CONNECTED Training Program | USUALLY $997