LIBERATE YOURSELF with Dr. Aziz—In Person Intensive (Earlybird)

Instantly Become More Bold, Confident, & Free To Be Yourself

Over 4 life-changing days you will:

  • Remove all the obstacles & old stories that have held you back for decades.
  • Eliminate hesitation, second-guessing & self-doubt.
  • Transform into the most bold version of you now.
  • Finally embrace and celebrate who you really are.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Aziz has drastically improved my life.  Before taking his programs, I was shy, quiet, incredibly self critical, stressed, and generally felt that my life was bland.  I now feel internally at peace, am outgoing, and am excited to share my thoughts, opinions, and jokes with friends and strangers alike.  I am super excited about the direction of my life and feel like success with my goals is inevitable.


Dr. Aziz taught me that the voices in my head were "the safety police" and I could change them... I could rewrite those horrible stories. It was the most incredible thing to be able to change who I am and change how I show up in the world. After learning that, I was hooked.


Initially, I was afraid to sign up with Dr. Aziz because I wasn't sure if it would help. Now I'm creating connections and friendships. I'm meeting men that I'm interested in dating and before I wasn't. There is a major difference in who I am, how I show up, and my attitude.


$997.00 USD