Components of Social Confidence

Below you’ll find the eight major components of Social Confidence. Please read each description and give yourself a number of where you are on this component (ranging from 1-10). There’s no correct answer, and you don’t need to over think this process. Simply enter the first number that comes to you.

Component of Social Confidence





Checking in with yourself to see what you’re really thinking, feeling, and wanting, and then clearly communicating this. This includes being able to ask for what you want and to say what you don’t like or don’t want.



Your ability to treat yourself with kindness, patience, empathy, and respect, even when you make a mistake or fall short of a goal.



Knowing you can handle whatever life brings you, even if it’s painful or scary. You know you’ll always find a way to survive and thrive.


Inherent Worth

You know on a deep level you’re worthy of love and belonging, you’re likable and attractive, you have something to offer in relationships, and people like being around you just for who you are.


Bold Action

Your willingness to do what scares you, to inspire and encourage yourself to take healthy risks because you know they’ll help you grow – even though it can be uncomfortable or scary along the way.


Social Comfort

Your level of feeling comfortable in your own skin around other people, including people you don’t know very well yet. This includes a general ease with who you are in social situations.


Conversation Skills

Your level of skill at starting conversations, speaking with strangers, meeting new people, talking with groups, and otherwise being able to carry on enjoyable conversations.



You’re able to share what you’re truly feeling and thinking with someone else. This includes your ability to trust and to share tender feelings, such as love, sadness, hurt, or joy.