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"When I met Dr. Aziz I was at the lowest point in my life. I was going through a divorce, my brother was dying of cancer, and my business was stagnant.  

Aziz taught me that the things we want to accomplish are on the other side of our fears.  

My business is now thriving. I’m the leader I’ve always wanted to be and I've grown my business 30% over the past two years.  

Dr. Aziz’s authentic way of communication encourages trust which allows you to let your guard down and open up so that you can rediscover the true you."

I used to see myself in a negative light and I felt limited in many different aspects of life. After being in the mastermind, I've been able to hold difficult conversations, handle challenges more calmly and above all understand what it means to really love myself.  

I've gotten a ton of value out of the program, but one of the things I'm most proud of is that I've been able to confront and let go of issues caused by past trauma. On top of that, my friends have also commented on my social bravery and my ability to talk to people, so I know that other people are also seeing the results!  

Everything you to need completely transform your confidence

Transformational Group Coaching Calls With Dr. Aziz

Join Dr. Aziz personally in these life-changing coaching calls where you will gain confidence, get feedback, make commitments, be accountable, and completely change how you show up in all areas of your life.

Pod Calls + Bonus Calls

Go deep with other mastermind members in intimate, supportive pod calls. Get to know your peers, forge deep friendships, and create a community that you'll benefit from for a lifetime.

Exclusive Workshops

Extended in-depth coaching and training both virtually and in person with Dr. Aziz in these mastermind-only events. Maximize your self-esteem, build social skills, learn how to date, and step into the next level in your career.

Daily AM Powerboosts

Everysingle weekday for an entire year you get to wake up to a short, targeted video of Dr. Aziz giving you a mini-lesson you need to boost your confidence and crush it!

The Advanced Guidance System

A week-by-week roadmap that gives you a specific path to follow through the mastermind to ensure rapid progress. This program is not available to anyone outside the mastermind.

Complete Access To All Of Dr. Aziz's Online Courses

Gain instant access to every program Dr. Aziz has created. This gives you all the knowledge, techniques, and strategies you need to make a rapid shift in your confidence and success.

“The results of the mastermind have been incredible. I have a competely different view of myself and I can do things I’ve never done before. It’s awesome!  

I absolutely recommend 100% anyone facing challenges with confidence to work with Dr. Aziz. It’s so powerful to be with others, to be in this environment, with this support system, it’s incredible. If you’re considering taking the leap, do it. It’s what you need. If you’re doubting it, just do it!

Dr. Aziz has drastically improved my life. I was shy, quiet, incredibly self critical, stressed, and generally felt that my life was bland. I wasn't excited about the direction of my life and had goals that I didn't think I could accomplish.

I now feel internally at peace, am outgoing, and am excited to share my thoughts, opinions, and jokes with friends and strangers alike. I feel way more confident and powerful at work (which was one of the places that I felt most anxious). If you're considering working with Aziz and are willing to do the work that he recommends, I promise that you won't regret it.  

Is the Mastermind right for you?

This program is not for everybody.

Dr. Aziz personally interviews each applicant, looking for qualities such as courage, authenticity, and a willingness to support others in their growth.

Those who are ready for this program feel called to it. You'll know. If you feel called to join this program, click down below.

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