So, here we are—all alone. We’ve done our part to contribute to the greater public health and committed to the social distancing that will help nip this global pandemic in the bud . . . and now we’re stuck inside our homes going a little stir-crazy.

This is a time when you might be asking yourself, “How could I be using this time to my advantage? Surely, there’s nothing I can do to increase my productivity and grow as a person while I’m so lonely and isolated.”


If you’re looking for a few ways to thrive during this Coronavirus outbreak, then look no further! Today, we’re going to shift that mindset of helplessness and learn how to benefit from this time using the Principle of Utilization.

Step One – GSD: Get Shit Done

Whether you want to admit it or not, you are probably tempted right now to crawl under a blanket on the couch and live vicariously through various streaming services. But THIS WILL NOT HELP YOU.

No matter what happens in life, we can use it to grow as individuals and contribute to our communities.

So, if you’ve told yourself that it’s time to give up and just succumb to Corona lockdown, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Sure, take a day—enjoy the laziness . . . then get off your rear and get shit done!

What is the one thing you’ve been waiting to get done around your house? Maybe it’s something small (organize a hall closet, steam clean the living room, Windex the outsides of your windows—who knows) . . . but it’s a task that would be EASY to accomplish during this time. So, just get it done!

For me, this time is going to be used to do some estate planning and complete a will. I know it might seem a bit morbid (and no, I’m not positive for Covid-19), but it’s something I’ve been putting off, and now that I have time to do it, there’s just no excuse.

So, let’s cut the crud and take on those little tasks that will foster our senses of accomplishment—let’s Get Shit Done!

Step Two – Reconnect and Contribute

It’s true: this situation is not ideal. But, the good news is that we live in an amazing time with technology that will allow us to profoundly connect with one another quite easily despite a self-inflicted quarantine.

This is 2020, friends! We can call each other, video chat, connect on Facebook Messenger, and even conference on platforms like Zoom.

Who is the one person in your life who you would like to connect with more often and more deeply? Take a chance right now, and shoot that person a text! Set up a video chat! Share a damn cat video with them for all I care—just reach out and make that connection!

During this time of isolation, you might be surprised how comforting and engaging something as simple as a good conversation can be, not just for yourself, but also for the person you call.

It’s not just going to happen by itself, however—you have to create the space, make the time, and follow through with it. Don’t wait for later, because if you put it off, “later” may never come.

Too often, we procrastinate as a defense mechanism that allows us to create a safe and quiet little bubble to waste away in. And in times like these, it is simply too easy to use self-quarantine as an excuse to stay in that bubble. This is why it is so important—especially for those of us who have been working to blast through our social anxiety—to act quickly and often to make these connections happen.

Don’t be afraid to reach out! You are an amazing person with plenty to contribute. You can add to someone’s relief in this trying time; you can add value to someone’s day by making them smile; you can take up an hour of someone’s VERY boring and eventless day!

Trust me: for those of you who dread taking a chance on something like this, now is definitely the time to act!

What do you have to contribute? How can you go into a conversation with something to give, rather than something to get? How can you brighten someone’s day?

Send a message; record a meaningful video; teach a new skill; use your talents for good! People need each other right now. Take a chance and use this time to reconnect and contribute.

Step Three – Master Something

As fun as it might be right now to pickle yourself in Netflix juice, I promise you: you will get bored with it. You will get anxious and restless, and you will start to feel spiritually malnourished. What’s the best way to fill the void that your inaction is creating? To master something!

What is something that you’ve always wanted to get better at? What is something you want to learn from scratch? What is something that you want to put time into?

This is the perfect time to read that classic novel you’ve never finished or learn to play the guitar! For many of the followers of these blog posts and videos, it might even be the perfect

time to go through my program, Confidence University! This program includes several exercises that involve you going out into the world, but this is an excellent opportunity to use your creativity and adapt those exercises as you work to develop your ultimate confidence.

Whatever goal it is that you’ve had in mind for years and years, now is the time to take action!

If you’re looking for some kind of excuse to shut out the world and avoid your personal growth, then you can definitely use this time in that way. But if you really want to grow, give to your community, and add value to this world, then there are myriad opportunities for you to follow through on those goals.

The more you contribute to your own happiness and the happiness of others, the more capable, creative, and powerful you will be once this whole thing lifts. So, bring more value into your life and the lives of others, and work to thrive during this social lockdown!

There it is, friends: Get Shit Done, Reconnect & Contribute, and Master Something! Work to develop that process throughout the quarantine period and follow through each day in at least some small way. You will not be disappointed in the results.

Please share your grand social lockdown plans in the comments below! What are you going to do to challenge yourself during this time? What strengths do you have to offer to the people you connect with? What is holding you back? Let’s support each other, both here and in other online forums as we connect to grow in our confidence.

Until we speak again, may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you’re awesome.


Dr. Aziz