How To Keep Your Confidence High No Matter What Happens

Today, we’re going to cover a concept that can help you shift out of a place of low self-esteem, anxiety, and low self-confidence and into a state of confidence . . . and you can accomplish this much more quickly than you think. I call it Finishing Strong.

This phrase, “finish strong,” is very meaningful to me. When I was in high school, I ran cross country. After running 8 to 10 miles, we’d be slumping back to campus to conclude the run, sort of panting and hunched over, trying to make it to the end. Right before we got to the campus, our coach would say, “Guys, finish strong! You’ve finished this long run, now stride into the campus like stallions. Finish strong!”

It’s funny, because it wouldn’t matter how much we were suffering—when we got to that campus and the ladies were watching, we’d find strength we hadn’t possessed five minutes earlier. It was because of that decision to finish strong.

No matter how something has gone for you, you want to finish strong. If you do a great job, finish strong. If you didn’t do as well as how you wanted, finish strong. If it was a miserable failure, finish strong.

Let’s say you give a presentation at work and you’re thinking, “Oh my God, this is not going very well. I messed this up.”

In an important moment, you have no choice but to stay the course. Why not let go of what has already happened and finish strong?

Nail that last two minutes. Sure you could slink away to your seat and attempt to disappear, but instead, stand proudly and ask, “Are there any questions?” Display that confidence as though you’ve been going strong the entire time.

What about social gatherings? Are you typically the wallflower? Do you struggle to start conversations or find it hard to talk to people you don’t know very well? No big deal. Finish strong. Once you’re comfortable, walk around and talk to just one or two people; say goodbye to a few people on your way out. It doesn’t matter whether you know them or not. Finish strong.

I was doing a weekend intensive once, and after some in-depth training and powerful transformation work, a client and I went out into the world (we have to test this stuff out, after all!). At the end of three or four hours of action and pushing the edge of his comfort zone, he was understandably ready to call it quits. On the way back to our cars, however, I said, “Wait a minute! You have to finish strong. What would finishing strong look like for you?” He said, “Well, I guess on my way back to the car I’d walk with my head up and I’d say “Hi” to people as I walk by them.” So that’s what he did.

The power of this is that you start to train yourself to realize that no matter how bad something’s going, you can turn it around. You can finish strong. Eventually, you can start bringing that energy to the middle or even the beginning of a challenge.

People remember the last thing they see more than anything else. It’s called the recency bias: the human tendency to focus on the most recent events for the purposes of evaluation. So, finish strong! Not only will people remember what you’ve done, but you’ll also begin to see major impacts on your self-confidence.

I encourage you this week, or with the next situation you encounter, to bring this with you: Finish strong.

Until we meet again, may you have the courage to be who you are and know that you’re awesome.  If you feel as though you want to finish strong but need one-on-one support,  get in touch to see if confidence coaching is right for you.  

You can contact me here and we will be in touch soon, in the meantime, continue to hold your reality, and finish strong!

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I’ll talk to you soon.