Would you like to be introduced to a simple but powerful technique that will allow you to be proud of yourself, become more aware of your talents, fully accept your strengths, and feel really good about yourself right now?


If so, then stick around, because today’s episode is all about teaching you how to rapidly boost your self-esteem and feel wonderful about yourself on a regular basis.  


Everyone knows that feeling good about yourself on a deep level in a given situation is the best way to crush your challenges and find ultimate success. But, how do we get into that place? Even more importantly, how do we do so rapidly whenever we want?


There are many ways to address this issue that I’ve discussed in previous videos. The problem, though, is that they might not comprehensively address all angles of the problem for most people. Affirmations, are a great tool for changing your mindset and rewiring your patterns of thought. In the short-term, however, they can lack momentum. Likewise, power generation through physical techniques can be amazing for quick bursts of energy and encouragement, but that feeling can be hard to sustain. You can try to convince yourself cerebrally that you have amazing strengths that should be honored, but that method is inherently flawed for many of us who might have shut the door to positive thoughts about ourselves.


So, what’s the answer then?


As you may already know, gratitude is a force that fosters a positive mindset, providing fulfillment and happiness.


Hence, a while back, I decided I was going to retrain my brain to feel grateful more fully and continuously. This effort, however, was initially inconsistent at best—I’d go strong with morning and nightly gratitude meditations and create small gratitude lists for a few days, but the momentum would die off and I’d be back at square one.


Eventually, I decided that I needed a way to sustain my attention on the subject. This led to the birth of “100 Days of Gratitude.” This is a little game I came up with for myself in which I write out one hundred things I am thankful for, then read it out loud (and add to it if I like) every day, for 100 days.


This game ended up being an ideal way to sustain my positive vibes over a long period of time. Simultaneously, it also provided me with short bursts of gratitude as I considered the various possible gifts I could write about throughout the day.


At first, most of my list included things I was grateful for in my life, such as my family, my children, healthy food, the sky, etc. What I found interesting, however, was that I was soon left with no choice but to focus inward on the personal gifts I was so thankful for: my health, my strong body, my appearance, my amazing career . . . even something as simple as being born with working legs, ten fingers, and ten toes. These are things to be thankful for, but so often we take them for granted!


What was amazing about this was that it didn’t bring up that icky feeling of arrogance or discomfort usually elicited by talking about my strengths. Instead, I found myself in this state of receptivity and humble gratitude. Not only was I completely open to acknowledging my many gifts, I was positively associating them with my wonderful life.


When you own your strengths fully, they become even more powerful, allowing you to become more positively impactful in the world.


Once I had discovered this amazing tool, I knew I had to test it on my one-on-one clients. At first, I asked a couple of them to simply list their top 10 strengths and read them aloud. As I suspected, they were uncomfortable doing this and had no problem expressing as much.


Then, I switched gears: I said, “Ok, now just write down fifteen things you’re grateful for—it can be anything.” They did so and read them aloud. When I asked them how they felt, they all said “Great!” So, I took it one step further: I said, “Ok, now do the same thing, but make it things about yourself you are thankful for.”


The response was amazing. Every single one of them was completely comfortable discussing their strengths within the context of gratitude. As they read their answers aloud, they sounded more confident and accepting of their gifts, and even the way they phrased their strengths was more powerful.


Since then, I’ve gone on to incorporate this technique while working with people in my larger programs, and now it’s time to share it here with you.


Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool. But you can’t just conceptualize it passively—that will only take you so far.


In order to transform your life starting now, you must put yourself out there, do the work, and stick with it consistently. Get out your home journal or your notepad or even your phone, and start making that list NOW. If you don’t know where to begin, start simple:



  • Thank you for my working mind.
  • Thank you for my five senses.
  • Thank you for my healthy heart (or health in general).
  • Thank you for blessing me with two arms, ten fingers and ten toes.



It doesn’t matter who you’re saying “thank you” to . . . you just have to be thankful. Start with whatever comes to mind, but make sure that you eventually add personal characteristics to your list, because they’re true and they deserve to be recognized and honored.


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Until we speak again, may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you’re awesome.