Discover How To Boost Your Confidence: Use This Fast And Easy Technique

No, I don’t mean talking yourself up to others. Attempts to name drop or otherwise impress others actually backfires and makes others see you as less confident (or at least less likeable).

I’m talking about what you say to yourself in your own mind.

First off, you’re not crazy for talking to yourself. We are all doing it, all of the time. If you’ve ever tried to sit down and meditate for at least 30 seconds, you realize that we have an inner voice that is just won’t shut up. Zen folks call it “Monkey Mind.”

Have you ever considered guiding that constant narrative towards how awesome you are?

Now, before you scoff or roll your eyes, ear me out.

Why are we so resistant to this? Why do we just dismiss this as arrogant or silly or somehow “stupid.”

Guess what? That’s just your inner critic trying to maintain control over you.

Fuck that noise.

There’s NOTHING wrong with speaking well to yourself all of the time. There’s nothing wrong with regularly praising yourself in your own mind. Like all of the time.

Not only does it make you feel more confident, it makes you much more effective in the world.

Here’s an example to make this very practical.

Let’s say you are about to approach an important situation – a big sales meeting, or conversation with a prospective client, or that woman you have had a crush on for a month.

If you DON’T consciously talk yourself up, what happens in your mind?

Usually some form of this…

Oh god, here we go. I’m going to mess this up. I hope I don’t mess this up. What if I run out of things to say. My suit doesn’t fit right. I look dumpy. Why would they spend that much money to hire me. She’s going to be annoyed. Why would she go out with me when she can obviously choose any guy she wants…

…And so on. Brutal.

What if you chose right now to replace that with a pattern of talking yourself up?

Dude, you are awesome. Hey, seriously, Aziz! You are awesome man.

Ahh, I instantly start to smile : )

How am I awesome?

Dude, you are smart, intelligent, funny. You are motivated and driven. You help people from all over the world. You are courageous and you put yourself out there. You are the man!

 Wow, thanks!

How would this look for the situations described above?

Important meeting:

Hey, (your name), you got this! You’re the man. You are intelligent, talented, you know this industry inside and out. You are an effective communicator, your put people at ease, you are brilliant and down to earth at the same time. That is an incredibly rare combo. They are going to love you!

Approach an attractive woman:

You are the man! You are funny, warm, alive, enthusiastic! You are a fucking spark of energy and aliveness. Woman love to be around you just to feel that energy coming off of you. You are a great listener and really present. Women love being around that too. You are awesome for taking this risk and jumping into life. You rock!

 Are you starting see how this works?

Now I know you may have reasons why this won’t work. Or why you shouldn’t do it. Or why it’s wrong and bad and stupid for someone to even try this.

And that’s fine. You can stay there as long as you like. And when you’re ready to let go of old self-hating ideas and ready to embrace yourself and life fully, give this one a whirl. I think you’ll be delighted at how fun it is and how good it feels…and how much it does for your confidence, your relationships, your business success, and your life.

Here are some demonstrations from the masters : )

When you’re big-time you can get someone to do it for you:

You can break free and have more confidence, here is a client review of what others are saying when they decided to take their confidence to the next level.


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