The Secret To Having The Confidence You Need To Meet Women And Excel In Business

What would your life be like if your confidence was increasing every single day? Can you imagine your confidence doubling, tripling, and continuing to grow exponentially in every area of your life?

Today’s episode is all about the path to ever-increasing confidence. This is not hype—it’s the real deal. You’re going to see by the end of this video that you actually can find the path to ultimate confidence, and that there is one simple trick that’s going to help you stay on that path.

This can apply to any area of your life in which you want to experience more confidence—dating, business, social interactions, etc. For the moment, though, we’ll use a dating example to keep things simple:

Let’s picture a man who’s single and wants to meet someone. He sees a beautiful or intriguing woman he’d like to meet. What does he do? He’s got a million choices, but they all fall under one of two main categories: he either approaches her or he doesn’t.

Which one of these choices follows the path of confidence? Obviously, it’s the one that involves taking the risk . . . the one that involves uncertainty.

In this case, it’s approaching her. He doesn’t know how it’s going to go: she might not like him; she might have a boyfriend; she might be going through a divorce; whatever. Let’s say he takes the path of confidence and approaches her. In that moment, he has another choice: he can push the edge of his comfort zone, or he can play it safe.

One option might involve making some jokes, teasing or flirting, saying something edgy or spontaneous, etc. The other might involve run-of-the-mill conversation, such as, “Where are you from?” or “What do you do?”

Again, which one follows the path of confidence—being expressive, spontaneous and interesting, or playing it safe? That’s right . . . it’s the choice that involves risk.

Almost every decision we make throughout the day can be divided into two categories: those that involve risk while offering the potential to move us forward; and those that safely and comfortably keep us stuck in the same spot.

Look at your daily business decisions: Are you reaching out to more potential customers every day, or are you happy just staying afloat serving only your current clients? Are you constantly striving to discover better ways to serve your customers, or are you content with the way things have always been?

Look at your daily career decisions: Do you speak up and share your ideas with your boss and coworkers, or do you wait for others to ask if you have anything to offer? Do you go above and beyond the expectations of your position, or do you try to get by with as little effort as possible?

The path to ever-increasing confidence is laid by taking risks in each of these moments. Yes, it’s scary and something could go wrong . . . you could fail. But that is the choice that we face: Do I stagnate in the same situation I’ve been dealing with for years, or do I take action—for better or worse?

I admit that it takes work to gain the confidence to act in your own favor at times. The good news is that you can learn to make this happen!

In my course, Confidence Unleashed, we cover this very topic and SO much more—how to deal with failure, how to overcome the fear of rejection, how to come back stronger and love yourself even more, and how to recognize and appreciate the support we get from the people who love us. The general feedback I receive from this training system is that it is “life changing.” One associate of mine even described it as, “Years’ worth of therapy within nine modules.”

The truth is that we’re going to get hurt and feel pain, and it’s going to suck. That’s just part of being human. You don’t need to be a robot about it, though—you can experience emotions and live to tell the tale. The trick is learning to live through the tough times while acknowledging that it hasn’t destroyed you.

Believe it or not, I started out with zero confidence in every area of my life. Once I got tired of how that was working out for me, I started taking risks and following the path of confidence in my dating and relationship life; then it was taking risks in creating lasting relationships, eventually getting (and staying) happily married; then it was taking risks in my career by pursuing a field that I was really passionate about; fast-forward to creating my own therapy business and a coaching business and recording videos. . . .

Get the picture?

I’ve been living the path of confidence daily for years now, and I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve ended up. The more you can convince yourself to take those risks, the more your confidence is going to increase. It all starts with one small step—one small risk. From there, the sky’s the limit.

So get out there and start pushing the envelope! Ask yourself whether the choices you’re making are playing it safe, and start moving yourself onto the path of confidence. You’ll be amazed where you end up.

I love to hear about your experiences with these practices, so please share them in the comments below. What are the risks that you want to take and what’s the safe path you’ve been on for too long? What are your goals, and what are the hang-ups that are keeping you from pursuing them? We can support and learn from one another this way, so I encourage you to stay connected.

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Until we speak again, may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you’re awesome.