Do you hold yourself back around other people? Do you censor your words or otherwise mute yourself in any way?

Today we’re going to discuss how to free yourself of these restrictions so that you can let your true self out, increase your sense of power, and allow others to see your attractiveness shine through.

No matter what goal you may currently be pursuing in life—whether it be increased success in your career, finding a life partner, or climbing Mount Everest—it all starts with developing the confidence to be able to pursue it . . . and this session is all about magnifying and amplifying your confidence by being more you.

I like to think of the amount of personality we show as a sort of volume knob that can be turned up and down at will. When we’re comfortable, we set the knob to 10, but when we’re out in public, we tend to turn it down because we want people to like us—we think that letting too much of ourselves out will turn people off.

Sadly, hiding your personality is the best way to make sure people never truly get to know (or like) the real you.

So, what does turning the knob down look like? It could be as simple as staying silent when you have something to say; ignoring the voice in your head; squelching your impulses. We do this because we want to look good or impress someone or stay on someone’s good side—we do it because of appearances.

We must let go of this mindset.

Here’s the thing: if you’re being yourself, you are naturally at your most powerful, and you’re naturally going to feel more satisfied and confident afterward.

Sure, you might experience fear as you do it, but your power is going to grow as you discover that nothing all that bad is going to happen as a result. On the contrary, you may find that you actually start seeing the results you’ve been hoping to see in multiple areas of your life.

As you start to let people see the real you, you will begin to get noticed.

You’ll no longer be that guy whose name no one knows—you’ll be the guy who has ideas and makes them happen; you’ll be the guy who doesn’t pull any punches; you’ll be the guy who says what’s on his mind and gets things done.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you: not everyone is going to be impressed with your newfound self-confidence. It is an unavoidable fact that not everyone is going to like you. As you are busy allowing yourself to be more you, you are bound to ruffle some feathers, raise some eyebrows and turn some heads. That’s fine. After all, no one is universally adored.

It is far more preferable in my opinion, however, to be noticed for the wrong reasons once in a while than to never be noticed at all . . . and it is far more honorable to upset one or two people by being yourself than it is to float through life pretending to be something you’re not.

You know you’re on the right track if people occasionally get upset with you—it’s just part of being yourself, and it’s temporary. Apologizing for a few passionate words once in a while is easy to do; going through life censoring everything you do is not.

  • What could you do to be bringing more of yourself out right now?
  • How could you start changing your habits today?

Maybe the answer is obvious to you right off the bat, and maybe it’s not. Either way, you can pledge to live in that question starting this instant—start asking yourself throughout the day,

“If I were committed to being my true self, what would I say right now? What would I do?”


If you’re a bit scared at first, that’s good! It means you’re really taking chances. It means you’re becoming less focused on safety and security—and getting everyone to approve of you—and you’re being more you.

That is when things will really start to turn around for you . . . even if embracing your true self didn’t attract people to you and bring greater opportunities in every aspect of your life, it would still be making you feel more confident and relaxed every day, every moment, of your life. That alone is worth the effort.

There is only one you. Live in your individuality, and you’ll find greater power, increased attractiveness, more positive energy, and the inspiration to keep going with this new practice.

Please feel free to “like,” share and leave your comments below! How are you going to start living in your true self more starting today? How has living your individuality changed your life? Whether the results are positive or (seemingly) negative, it helps each of us to hear about the experiences of others so that we can learn and grow together and get used to the idea that it’s absolutely fine if not everyone of the planet likes us . . . as long as we’re living as ourselves.

Until we meet again, may you have the power to realize that you’re awesome. See you soon.