3 Tips For Self-Confidence To Succeed

confidence boost self confidence successful Apr 17, 2024

Do you want to learn three powerful tips to confidently achieve any goal? 

By doing this, you'll be able to achieve any goal you set for yourself in any aspect of your life more quickly and with greater satisfaction.

Here’s the thing about goals and moving towards them, many people I talk to have a hard time with goals because they failed to achieve goals in the past, and they’ve also set extremely high goals, and then they’re wary. 

They say, “I’m going to set these high goals and not achieve them.” And then they feel bad, and their confidence is shattered. 

Let’s rebuild that and help you confidently progress toward your goals. 



  1. Trade anxiety for inspiration. 

Trade your anxiety for inspiration as a fuel. 

What we often do when we set a goal or come up with an idea of what we want to do or create, it's exciting, we're excited, like it's going to be great. And then very quickly it turns into anxiety. 


Yeah, but what if I don't? 

What if I don't achieve it and can I achieve it? 

What if I don't achieve it in the time frame that I wanted? 

What if I tell other people that I'm going to do this thing and then I haven't done it?  

All of a sudden our fuel becomes anxiety. 

What if I don't? 

We want to trade that notion for inspiration. 

What are you excited about? 

What energizes you? 

What inspires you? 

What motivates you? 

What lights you up? 


If you keep directing your focus back to that, you're going to charge your ability to make progress towards that goal and feel good as you do it. 


So trade anxiety for inspiration. 

If you notice yourself slipping into anxiety, say “NO, that's not going to serve me, I'm not going to achieve anything from this place.” 

Your ability to affect change in the world or take action or do things from anxiety is a dirty fuel that burns real dirty. It might get you jolted in the moment for the short term with some adrenaline cortisol, but it's not going to last in the long term. 


Any goal that's worth its salt, it's probably going to take a little while to achieve. 


You need sustainable fuel, which is INSPIRATION

Ask yourself, What future energizes, excites and compels you? That's a way to get into the inspiration state.  


  1. Trade self-absorption for contribution. 

What happens is our goals generally tend to start to get focused on ourselves and our achievement of the goal. 

This is a major problem with confidence around this because then someone thinks, Whoa, if I'm going to do it or not, I’ll get anxious. Do I achieve the goal? Am I good enough? Do I look good enough? Am I a good enough person? etc.

If you look at your goal, most likely it involves other people. 

Is your goal in a relationship, or is it to find someone to be in a relationship that involves another person? 

Is your goal in your career? That's going to involve other people, including other workplaces, colleagues, or team members. 

Is it in business? I want to start a business or grow a business. That's going to involve other people because you're probably going to be selling to other people. 

FOCUS on what the contribution is. 


  1. Trade MEGA habits for mini habits. 

Sometimes, people with anxiety think, What often happens is what's going to create the achievement of a goal is consistent action over time, nothing else. 

There's not going to be like one thing that you do that achieves a larger goal. It's going to be a series of small things executed over time by you and possibly others. 

The team depends on the goal. What we have to do is get the trade, our idea of, I'm going to do this big thing, I'm going to do these small things consistently, weekly, daily, three times a week, whatever it is for you. 

A great question to ask yourself is: What are the small things done consistently that will set me up to achieve this goal? 

There you have it.

Here’s three tips to achieve your goals with confidence. 


  1. Trade that fuel.

    Upgrade your fuel source from anxiety to inspiration.  

REMEMBER the question, what future energizes, excites and compels you? 


  1. Trade that contribution. 

Get out of that, How do I look? Am I good enough, mindset. Stop thinking everyone's going to be paying attention to me. Instead, concentrate on achieving your goals and focus on your impact on others, THE CONTRIBUTION. How is this going to benefit other people? 

Instead consider the people that I'm affecting and now I'm motivated to actually go do it and see what the impact and benefit and contribution is going to be. 


  1. Trade those mega habits. 

Change the I'm going to do all this stuff at once mindset to little mini habits that you can stack to create that result over time.  

Until we speak again, may we have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you're awesome. 

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