3 Tips For Self-Confidence To Succeed (re-usable WCB)

Jan 12, 2023

Do you want to have more self-confidence and to be able to succeed? 


You probably look at successful people in whatever area you want to succeed in, such as work, relationships, finances, athletics, or anything else. 


The very successful person is also very confident—they boldly speak up, or they’re a leader, or they interact with the room, or they can talk to anyone. 


What’s going on there? 


And is it possible for you to succeed more by increasing your own self-confidence? 


The answer I’m going to argue is YES! That’s regardless of the particular areas we’re looking at for success. Therefore, these are generalizable to anything in life. 


What are the three tips to increase your self-confidence? 


  1. You Have To Own Your Own Strengths.


Without this foundation, it becomes very hard to succeed. 


Basically, you’re trying to play the game with one hand or even two hands tied behind your back. That’s what not knowing your strength is like. 


Maybe you’re thinking I’ve got to be humble, so I shouldn’t brag, or who am I? I’m a nobody, or that’s arrogant, or, I don’t want to be egotistical. I want to be one of those people. 


This train of thought ensures you’re less than what you’re capable of. 


It’s a strategy to diminish and rob yourself of the energy, power, strength, and confidence that is accessible when you own your strengths. 


You want to be able to say, “I am capable of this. I am good at this. I can learn that these are the qualities that I have.” You want to know them, but not so you can brag and convince others they’re true. Instead, it’s so you can use them. 


Let’s say someone owns the strength of communication. 


Do you think they will be more likely to interact with people in their workplace and build connections? Or do you think that person is more likely to reach out socially? 


The answer is, absolutely, because they’ve identified that strength, they own it, and they know it. 


Therefore, what are three strengths of your own? 


And similarly, can you access them right now? 


Of course. Here’s how.


Just think of them one after the other. Don’t overanalyze, and don’t second-guess it. Just what are three things that you know that you bring into any area of your life, whether it’s socially, romantically, work and business-wise, financially, etc.? 


What career skill sets do you possess so you can start to build that connection with your strengths and maybe develop even more than three after this video?


That’s the first step. 


So, now you own your strengths, what do you do? 


  1. Bet on Yourself.


People with success have self-confidence that allows them to succeed because they’re willing to bet on themselves. 


Are you willing to bet on yourself? 


Without a doubt, everyone who’s successful has taken several risks. Because success is really defined by how many risks you have taken and how many of those have gone the way you hoped they would. 


If you talk to anyone who’s been successful in any venture, you might say, “Hey, have you taken basically no risks and just left once and made it?” That person would probably say “No.” 


Instead, many people will say, “I tried this and I did that, and I failed here and failed there. I failed my way to success.” 


That’s extremely common.


What’s going on there? The answer is, it’s a sort of success principle: 


Failure is a stepping stone to success. 

Failure is part of the process. 


You might know that when it comes to success and self-help, however, many people don’t live that way. 


Why? Because they haven’t developed the skill. The muscle of self-confidence can be characterized as, “I’m going to benefit myself” or “I’m going to take that risk.” 


How do you do that? 


You develop that capacity by doing it more. 


If you’re hesitating and you’re someone who thinks, “I’m not going to do that until I’m sure,” or, “I’m going to find the reasons why I could fail here and why I wouldn’t learn from that failure,” you’re not going to build that self-confidence. You’re not going to succeed in the ways that you want. 


You have to be willing to bet on yourself. 


The more you bet on yourself, the more risks you take. The more you take risks rapidly, the more your self-confidence will grow. And that will lead to success in any area of your life. 


  1. You Must Learn How To Thrive in the Rapids. 


Have you ever heard the phrase “Thrive in the rapids?” 


What does this mean? 


It means you’ve taken the risk, left, and now own your strengths. That’s the first stage. 


The second stage is, you’ve taken the risk, and you go for it. Now you’re on the date, or now you’re in the relationship, or now you’ve got the business going, etc., right? 


People often believe, “I got the promotion, but what do I get to do? I’m overwhelmed. I’m not good enough because of Imposter Syndrome.”


That’s all normal. It’s to be expected. 


That’s not a sign you’re supposed to downsize and never try again. It’s a sign that you’re growing, expanding, and are now outside your comfort zone. 


My friend, life begins outside of your comfort zone. 


True life, energized life, a life worth living, full of adventure and wild, passionate exploration and experimentation comes outside of your comfort zone. 


Once you can break out of this zone, congratulations—you’re already successful. You’ve done what most people will never do. 


The final stage is to learn how to adapt to it because it’s uncomfortable


You might be thinking I’m in the rapids, but what if my boat turns? What is this? What is that?


It’s crucial to remember, higher risk equals higher reward. 


The key is to find that way to navigate. 


The more self-confidence you have, the more you learn how to speak to yourself, soothe yourself, guide yourself, talk yourself through challenging situations, be your own coach, and be on your own side. 


That is a third way that self-confidence leads to success. 


Thanks for being with me today. 


Until we speak again, may we have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you’re awesome. 


I’ll talk to you soon.

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