8 Beliefs That Make You Shy

May 01, 2024

Identifying the Root Causes of Shyness

Dr. Aziz, a renowned psychologist and author, delves into the underlying beliefs that often lead to shyness, self-doubt, and social anxiety. In this video, he identifies eight specific beliefs that contribute to these challenges, providing insight into how they shape our interactions and self-perception.

The Eight Beliefs of Shyness

  1. I am Not Enough: This belief encompasses feelings of inadequacy in various aspects, such as attractiveness, intelligence, or humor.
  2. Others Will Not Like Me: This belief fosters a negative expectation about how others will perceive us.
  3. Talking About Myself is Self-Centered: Here, Dr. Aziz highlights the fear of being perceived as narcissistic, which inhibits self-expression.
  4. Conforming for Acceptance: This belief involves altering one’s behavior to fit others’ expectations, leading to inauthentic interactions.
  5. Fear of Being Perceived as Creepy or Annoying: This belief creates a barrier to initiating conversations due to fear of negative judgments.
  6. Feeling Abnormal: This belief revolves around the idea that one's social challenges are unique and indicative of a deeper problem.
  7. I Should be More Outgoing: This represents a self-critical perspective that undermines one’s natural disposition.
  8. Blaming Oneself for Awkward Conversations: This belief places undue responsibility on oneself for any perceived social failures.


Recognizing these beliefs is the first step towards challenging and changing them. You are not alone in these thoughts, and they do not define your reality.

A Path to Overcoming Shyness

Dr. Aziz emphasizes that these beliefs, while deeply ingrained, are not permanent. He encourages viewers to challenge these thoughts and consider more empowering beliefs.

You have the power to redefine your beliefs and, in turn, transform your social experiences. Shyness is not a life sentence; it's a mindset you can change.


Invitation to Further Growth

Dr. Aziz offers resources like his '5 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Confidence' video training to assist individuals in breaking free from the constraints of shyness and social anxiety.

Take the first step towards liberating yourself from shyness. Embrace the journey towards becoming more confident and authentic in your social interactions.

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