Become The New Confident Version of You

Feb 14, 2024

The Quest for Bold, Confident Action

Dr. Aziz, an esteemed psychologist and coach, recognizes the common desire among professionals to exhibit boldness and confidence in various aspects of life, whether in social settings, the workplace, or personal endeavors. He offers a straightforward mental trick to unlock this innate confidence.

Embracing Your Future Confident Self

The crux of Dr. Aziz's technique lies in envisioning a future version of yourself who effortlessly embodies confidence and boldness. This future self isn't just capable of taking action but does so with ease and nonchalance.

Picture a future version of yourself who navigates challenges effortlessly. This simple visualization can unlock your potential for confident action in the present.

Overcoming Hesitation with Visualization

Dr. Aziz suggests using this visualization tactic precisely when you feel hesitation or anxiety about taking a step forward. By reminding yourself that there's a future version of you for whom this challenge is trivial, you can inspire immediate action.

Why wait to become your confident self in the future? Embrace that version now and start taking bold steps today.


A Practical Application: Beyond Theory

Dr. Aziz shares his application of this technique, such as taking cold showers. By envisioning a future version of himself who doesn't find cold showers daunting, he's able to tackle this challenge with ease.


An Invitation to Experiment and Share

In conclusion, Dr. Aziz encourages his audience to experiment with this mental hack and share their experiences. He emphasizes the power of collective learning and growth in building confidence.

Test out this mental trick and see how quickly you can tap into your inherent boldness. Share your experiences so we can all grow together.


Reading blogs and watching videos online is a start...

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