Can Social Anxiety Be Cured?

Aug 09, 2023

Can social anxiety be cured? 


No. And that's the end of this discussion. 


I'm kidding. 


But sometimes, that is what it seems like. At least, it certainly seemed like a way for me when I lived with social anxiety. I didn't even think about curing it. I didn't even think that I had social anxiety or even knew the term. 


I just thought, there's something wrong with me


I'm awkward.  

People don't like me.  

I'm not good enough. 

I'm inferior to him. 

No one's going to date me. 


MY REALITY was perceived through the lens of social anxiety. 


The essence of social anxiety is distilled down to a sentence: it’s the belief that there's something wrong with me that makes me insufficient and therefore not desirable for friendship, a relationship, or connection. I'm unworthy of it. 


If that’s true (which it’s not), it’s scary because then you imagine people will reject you. 


You imagine that even if you have one good conversation the next time, they’re going to suss it out sooner or later. They’re going to be like, you seem fun the first time we talk, but I’m suspicious. 


I think I’m inadequate. I got to perform on this next conversation. 


Therefore, endless anxiety ensues from that core perception. 


The good news is if it’s all coming from a core perception of yourself, that’s not true. 

Can it be cured? The answer is YES! YES, IT CAN! 


A lot of people think it might not seem like: 

I tried things, and many people tried, and I tried to be more confident. 

I tried to just fake it till I made it. 

I tried to just do more and put myself out there. 


At least you're trying things, right? 

You're kind of going in the right direction now. 


What’s needed is MORE of a specific level of guidance and a system.


That’s what I specialize in, helping people become not just a little less socially anxious but completely liberated. 


The game that I have been playing in my life, and I invite you to play, is to not just go from social anxiety to normal. There are a lot of people that think I don’t have social anxiety. And they STILL do. They just don’t think of it that way because it’s not impairing their life. 


They’re still nervous about speaking in front of a big group of people, so they avoid it. They don’t give a toast at the wedding. They don’t feel as though they’re crippled by social anxiety. 


However, they do boldly take leadership in their work. They kind of do their job. They have a partner, but they never really dated whoever they wanted (I’m attractive, and I’m the selector in relationships. I kind of just liked this person because they liked me); they may have some addictions they’re dealing with, whether it’s tech addictions or porn, or alcohol, etc.


We don't go from social anxiety to normal. 


Let's go from social anxiety to normal and not stop at that station.  


The beauty of that is that the pathway is the same to get from social anxiety to normalnormal to extraordinaryit's the same thing. 


Just keep doing more of it. 


And what is that? 


I have a much more in-depth system called Confidence University that has courses that guide you step by step by step on it. 


You want to know what it is?


Here you go: You must take control of that self-perception. 


Sometimes, it seems like your self-perception is running on autopilot, and it is, but it's just a habit. Like the thousands of habits you have that are running on autopilot. 


It's the way you talk to yourself and the way you perceive yourself. You tend to perceive yourself as less than and not good enough.  Then you reinforce that with negative self-criticism. 


I call this your toxic inner coach


You have to control that process and change it. 


It doesn't matter what actions you take in the worldnothing will change out there. 


As you take control of that process, you need to learn how to take bold action and do what scares you until fear has no power to stop you. 


However, it requires something inside of you to step up in that way. 


Usually, what makes a step up that way is enough pain. If you endure enough pain, you develop enough frustration, and then you're going to start doing something. 


That's when everything changes!


Whenever I work with any client in my group program or mastermind program, I do not accept someone into the program if I don't feel that energy in them. 




Now we're talking. 


Now we're speaking my language.


Because now I know what it takes to make that change. 


So take control of that inner critic, that toxic coach; take bold action and learn how to calm and soothe yourself before, during, and after action. 


That makes you uncomfortable because you're taking a bunch of bold actions. You're all freaked out inside. It's going to be less likely to take it again. 


You have tools and strategies and skills to be able to think to yourself: 

Okay, I'm anxious right now. How do I work with that? 

How do I calm anxiety inside of the Confidence University? 


You have tons of tools to work with anxiety, overcome anxiety, and relieve anxiety because you have to be able to do that to stay in consistent action. 


If you do those things, take control of that toxic voice and fire your toxic inner coach, REPLACE it with healthy self-optimal coaching. 


Take BOLD ACTION until fear has no power to stop you, and you learn how to regulate your nervous system. As you take bold action, you will not only relieve social anxiety, you will cure social anxiety, become normal, and then don't stop there, my friend. 


You can have an extraordinary level of confidence, success, freedom, relationships, purpose, meaning, income, and impact on life that is, ultimately, what you're here to do. 


Until we speak again, may you have the courage to be who you are and know you're awesome on a deep level!

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