Do you hate being disliked?

confidence boost dislike disliked reality social anxiety Sep 28, 2023

Do you hate being disliked? Welcome to the human club.

We've all been there. The fear of being disliked is what holds most of us back. This overwhelming sensation stops us from expressing our true selves and living our lives to the fullest. But what if I told you that the very thing you fear could be your ticket to freedom?

The Unpleasant Reality

Here's the hard truth: You will be disliked. Shocking? Perhaps. But there's more to it. There's a chance that someone, somewhere, doesn't like you right now. Maybe it's the way you dress, talk, or simply exist. And that realization, as harsh as it sounds, is the first step to liberation.

Fear of being disliked holds back your life's potential.

The Nice Person Playbook

The need to be liked drives many of us to become people-pleasers, constantly seeking approval. We change our styles, modify our jokes, and sometimes, even alter life decisions based on others' perceptions. But this 'Nice Person Playbook' isn't sustainable. Why? Because you can't please everyone.

Someone will dislike you. And it will happen more than once.

Understanding Dislike

Dislike comes in many forms. Sometimes it's from someone close, maybe because you took a stand or made a decision they didn't agree with. Sometimes it's from strangers, who judge you based on superficial factors.

But here's the transformative thought: Dislike, like rain in Oregon, is inevitable.

I've learned to embrace Oregon's rainy weather, not by loving it, but by accepting it. Similarly, you might never love being disliked, but acceptance is the game-changer.

“I'm not for everybody.”

When you truly accept that, you free up immense energy and focus. You start investing time in those who value and cherish you instead of those who don’t.

Your Path to Confidence

If you're yearning for a deeper dive into this concept and more tools to rewire your fear of rejection, Confidence University might be your next stop. It offers courses designed to help you embrace your authentic self without the fear of judgment.

But more than anything, remember this: It's okay to be disliked. Acceptance doesn't mean resignation. It means freeing yourself from the chains of others' opinions and living a life true to you.

Reading blogs and watching videos online is a start...

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