How Stop Predicting Rejection

Feb 07, 2024

The Dilemma of Anticipating Rejection

Dr. Aziz, a respected psychologist and coach, addresses a common hurdle that many professionals face: the fear of rejection. He delves into the tendency to brace for negative responses even before taking action, whether in social situations, professional environments, or personal relationships.

Understanding the Impact of Negative Expectations

Dr. Aziz explains that when we anticipate rejection, we inadvertently set ourselves up for failure. This mindset not only affects our emotions but also our actions, leading to more guarded and less effective interactions.

If you expect rejection, you're already feeling and acting rejected. This mindset can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, negatively impacting the outcome.


Shifting Perception for Better Outcomes

The key, as Dr. Aziz suggests, is to change our approach. Instead of expecting rejection, we should approach situations with the assumption of acceptance and positivity. This shift in mindset can dramatically alter the dynamics of our interactions.

Approach each situation as if you are already liked and accepted. This positive assumption can lead to more successful and fulfilling interactions.


Embracing Your Inner Fears and Moving Forward

Dr. Aziz acknowledges that the fear of rejection might never fully disappear, as it's a natural human emotion. However, the solution lies in recognizing this fear and choosing to act positively despite it.

A Call to Bold Action

Recognize your fear, but don't let it control you. Embrace the willingness to take bold steps. It's not about eliminating fear, but about moving forward with courage.

Reading blogs and watching videos online is a start...

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