Simple Trick To Double Your Confidence Today

confidence boost total ownership Oct 20, 2022

Would you like to learn a simple trick that will double your confidence by the end of today? Great! Here it is. Ready? Tighten up your ship.

I know, perhaps not what you were expecting. And perhaps more explanation is needed. But stick with me, because you will quickly see how this can boost your confidence instantly.


To start, we need to acknowledge this:


A big part of confidence is a sense of self-efficacy. 


Self-efficacy is one of those fancy, fifty-cent psychology terms. It simply means you perceive yourself as effective in the world. In essence, you believe this: I can make things happen. 

That could be in a social context, such as I can go make a conversation happen. Or in business, such as I can make that project happen or I can be a leader in this situation

The core belief is I make things happen. I'm not a passive buoy floating in the ocean of life. I’m a boat with a motor—let’s go!


That is the self-efficacy component of confidence. And here's a simple little thing that you can do today to build that. 

To start, I have to tell you something a little harsh. Tough love if you will. So here we go:

Right now, there's a way that you're letting yourself be a little sloppy. No offense to you. I could say this about anyone, including myself. I don’t even need to know exactly what that thing is for you. I know what it is for me. 


YOU need to discover what it is for you.


There’s at least one pattern you’re running that you know doesn’t serve you, and yet you keep doing it. You are lacking discipline in this area. Perhaps it’s something like "Oh, I'm just eating a little bit too much at night with my meals, or I'm eating all those chocolate things, and I know I shouldn't…"  

Maybe you're sitting down to work, and you want to be productive, and then you're just zoning out, procrastinating, and watching videos 

Basically, there’s a way you’re choosing comfort over growth, and it’s oozing out your sense of confidence and self-efficacy. And all you need to do TODAY to double your confidence is tighten that up. Just a bit.

Not “one day”, or “I should really work on that.” Barf.

No, I mean TODAY. Right now. What can you tighten up that will have you feeling much better about yourself, much more powerful, much more capable?


To boost your confidence instantly, practice being effective. 


You are an action-taker. 

You are a doer. 

You make things happen. 

Just try saying that out loud with me right now. 


I make things happen. 


Go ahead, put your voice into it, and through a powerful gesture in there for good measure!


I make things happen.


Now I invite you to go make things happen. 

May we have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you're awesome!

Reading blogs and watching videos online is a start...

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