What if You Will Never be Perfect?

Jan 17, 2024

A Refreshing Perspective on Perfection

"Are you chasing perfection?" Dr. Aziz, an acclaimed author, psychologist, and coach, challenges this common pursuit in his insightful video. He presents a liberating perspective: perfection is not only unattainable but also unnecessary for personal growth and happiness.

The Myth of Constant Excellence

Dr. Aziz candidly discusses the unrealistic expectation of being 'perfect' in all aspects of life. Whether it's about being more confident, patient, successful, or loving, the notion of constant excellence is a fallacy. He emphasizes that it's normal to not be 'perfect' all the time.

Perfection is a myth. Embracing our human imperfections is not only normal but also essential for personal growth.


Balancing Self-Improvement with Self-Acceptance

Using personal anecdotes, including reflections on parenting, Dr. Aziz illustrates the importance of balancing self-improvement with self-acceptance. He advocates for acknowledging and embracing the times when we are not at our best as part of the human experience.

You might be disciplined and dedicated most of the time, and sometimes you're not. And that's perfectly okay.

The Power of Allowing Yourself to Be Human

Dr. Aziz urges his audience to create space for their human qualities, including their imperfections. He suggests that by easing up on ourselves and accepting our human nature, we can actually foster quicker and more authentic personal growth.

Embrace your imperfections. You'll never be 100% perfect, and that's perfectly fine. That's what makes you, you.

Reading blogs and watching videos online is a start...

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