Your Confidence Will Never Increase Until You Do THIS

Dec 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to increase and transform your confidence?


Is there a technique to do this?


The answer is—absolutely!


What is the technique to increase and transform your confidence? 


Firstly, it consists of one essential thing you must know to significantly increase your confidence. 


Before I get onto that, however, let me tell you this: 


Competence leads to confidence. 


Many people who lack confidence often believe, I need more competence to get confident.


You could be telling yourself, I am not very good at this. This could be in a social context, such as I am not very good at flirting, or a creative context, such as I am not very good at writing


But, everything is a skill. The more you do it, the better at it you will become. Then you will start to get a “little” more confident. Because of this, people sometimes establish that kind of route. 


However, sometimes, people think a little differently. 


They might think: if I could just be somebody, then I’d be confident, or if I just had muscles, I’d be confident and attractive, or, if I just had more money, then I’d be somebody and feel more confident.


Does this ring any bells? 


This is what I call “pseudo-confidence,” also known as conditional confidence. 


It is the same as telling yourself: If I am earning more, I feel more confident, or, if people think I’m sexy, I feel more confident.


But what happens if you get laid off? 


Or what happens if the person who thinks you are attractive doesn’t want to date you anymore? 


Do you sustain confidence, or does it disappear, leaving you feeling upset and like a loser? 


It is not exclusive to big things in your life like getting laid off or breaking up that can knock your confidence. It can also be hurt through little fluctuations that happen throughout the day. This can feel like a confidence rollercoaster. 


For example, you might be texting someone, and it feels like there is a connection. Maybe you go on a date, and then they ghost you after that. 


This diminishes your confidence, and you think, I’m a loser; you want to be with me


I enjoy roller coasters like many people. But this confidence roller coaster is by no means a fun ride!


So what is missing here? What is the one thing that you must do to radically increase your confidence and make it sustainable? 


The answer is: 


Unconditional confidence. 


This type of confidence is an inside job. There are no circumstances you are going to change around you that will bring you lasting sustainable confidence. 


Instead, you have to remember that confidence comes from transforming the way you talk to yourself, the way that you perceive yourself, and how you show up in your life. That’s IT! 


I teach you this in my free course called Five Steps to Unleash Your Confidence. You can click down below to get it. 


The first step is this— fire that toxic coach in there. 


I cannot tell you how many super successful people I have worked with who are successful in whatever ways you want to define success: they have money, they have career accolades, they have families, and they have people that love them; they are creative, and they are successful in all kinds of ways.


But they are not confident, you might say. 


No, I have seen them—they seem very confident. SEEM, because inside, it is a war zone. If you could hear their inner monologue, it is terrible. And that is something you have to get control of. 


I call it OMOS— being on my side




Otherwise, no matter how much you earn or how many people you love, you can still think of someone in your life who seems to have it all or, at least, a lot of what you want. 


But they are depressed, and they might even think about taking their own life. 


Have you ever been to that place? 


We can look at celebrities who, whether they ended their own lives, like Robin Williams, or more passively, through drug addiction, it is the same story playing out again and again: hundreds of millions of people love them, they have more money than they could ever spend, and they have more success than the top 1% of humanity, but they have not mastered being on my side.  


So when are you going to take control of your inner critic and start to become on your side? 


If you have that voice inside that says, I can’t, it just happens to me, that’s complete and total BS. 


I want to teach you how you can start to master becoming on your side with this course. 


Check out my site and click on the Coaching tab. You can see that down below as well at and learn about how you and I can work together and transform things in your life faster than ever before. 


Until we speak again. 


May we have the courage to be who you are and know on a deep level that you’re awesome. 

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